Shelter - Refugio Monte Coto Pinoso


15 beds Paid 730m

The Refuge can be used from March to June and from September to November.

The Environmental Interpretation Center Monte Coto is located in an enclave surrounded by mining of ornamental rocks, specifically limestone. Various projects of environmental recovery and landscaping of several abandoned quarries, including an observatory for wildlife, as well as for cultural use through theatrical performances, constitute one of the points of greatest interest for visitors to the area.

Within the space there is a special protection zone, included in a general project of conservation and protection of habitats for amphibians, which is developed throughout the municipality of Pinoso. It is a series of interconnected rafts, in which you can observe different species of amphibians such as the midwife toad, the common toad, the mottled sapillo and the common frog. There are signs on the road leading to the interpretation center that alert drivers of the passage of amphibians, to prevent their death from being run over.

Some of the routes present in the area are: the GR-7 long-distance trail and the small PRV-3 and PRV-166 trails, all of them of great scenic interest, but the main trail is the Senda dels Gal.lers, of great botanical interest, whose starting point starts from the same classroom.


Drinking water WC Shower Table Cooking space

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 38.3816 Longitude: -0.96012