Thousands of hiking routes in Spain, Andorra & France is a hiking community with thousands of hiking routes, shelters and campsites in Spain, Andorra and France. We offer a web version and offline maps for our Android app too.

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Offline maps (only on Android)

Our vector offline maps are fast and light, and we keep them up-to-date.

+3.000 official hiking routes

Lots of GRs, PRs, SLs and other non-official hiking routes.

Route planning completely offline

Plan your hiking routes without an internet connection and quickly.

Hiking routes with elevation profiles

Total positive and negative elevations in the hiking routes, so you know how difficult it would be.

+1.000 shelters and campsites

Accurate and up-to-date list of shelters and campsites (free and paid).

+80.000 places

Find places of interest like peaks, glaciers, beaches, forests, towns, accommodation, fountains, supermarkets...

Contours & hill shades layers

The contours (or elevation) and hill shades give you detailed information of the surroundings.

Bookmark routes and places

Easily save the hiking routes you want to go or those places you've already been.

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Offline maps (only on Android) Contours & hill shades layers Route planning completely offline Bookmark routes and places +80.000 places +3.000 official hiking routes

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