Shelter - Refugio Barcal de Acherito


4 beds Free to use 1745m

From Jaca (Huesca) take the N-240 (Pamplona road) and before reaching the town of Puente la Reina de Jaca, take the deviation on the A-176 road (Crt de Puentes a la Reina de Hecho) until get to Hecho where we continue along the HU-V-2131 (Crt de Hecho a Oza), which is the same road passing through Siresa until we reach many more kilometers to the La Mina car park (where La Mina's free shelter is located), located in Guarrinza (Selva de Oza)

From the La Mina car park, located in Guarrinza (Selva de Oza), go straight up the hills of the Malla de las Foyas to reach the HPR and keep going until the ibón. We surround the reservoir along its banks and go down until we find the beginning of the ravine of the Ferrerías where we find the refuge of Barcal de Acherito. From the La Mina car park to the Barcal refuge on foot 1h 30 '.

The refuge has capacity for 4 people, 6 a little tight, with chimney, and rivulets in its surroundings. It has two parts. The refuge is approximately 4x3 meters. The refuge is located in the Hecho Valley.

Ascents: Mallo de Acherito, Gamueta, Sobarcal, Gorreta de los Gabachos, Chourique, and Agujas de Ansabere. Ibón de Acherito, refuges of Linza, Zuriza and Lescún.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8847 Longitude: -0.72617
Zone: Ibón de Acherito

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