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Shelter - Puigsacalm - Emili Triadú

10 beds Free to use

The free shelter is in good condition and has a good fireplace. There is also a source close to the refuge. It is quite small, the free part, so it is necessary to be careful about when to go. There is a free part (free) and one for free.


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates

Latitude: 42.1334 Longitude: 2.39903

Access on foot

On foot, from Sant Privat d'en Bas, through the hermitage of the Virgen de las Olletes, passing through Can Turó.

Access by car

By car, from Sant Privat d'en Bas you can see the pint that leaves the village, which has very steep and in poor condition.


Province: Girona
Region: Catalonia
Country: Spain