Shelter - Cueva Sant Bartomeu de Fraguerau


10 beds Free to use 650m

Former hermit's cabin of the hermitage of Sant Bartomeu de Fraguera, It is located just in front of the hermitage itself. It is inside the rock and the wall is half demolished. It can perfectly keep the cold and rest, but it has no chimney, no bunk beds or anything so to sleep, the ground.
It is located in the Sierra del Montsant.

We start from the recreational area of ​​the hermitage Sant de Antoni, taking the forest track that emerges as a continuation of the road we have arrived. It is a wide track that runs between pine forests and leaves a pond of water on the left. Our route coincides with the GR 65-5 (Tarragona branch of the Camino de Santiago), so we can guide ourselves following the white and red marks on rocks and trees. This first part is fundamentally descending, since to find the Montsant river we must descend 150 meters from the starting point.
After 1.7 km we reach the Candolles Fondes viewpoint. The river appears and shows us its pools of transparent water. The track becomes a path that we take to the left following the direction of the signpost towards Margalef / Ventadors.
Descending by wooden steps we enter the Fraguerau gorge. The landscape changes. Now we follow the course of the river and are surrounded by abundant riverside vegetation and threatening rocky massifs that seem not to want to let light penetrate this magical place.
It is time to observe the effects of erosion on the rocky environment. On the right we have the patient work of digging the river in the pools of Toll de la Mula, while on the left the effects of erosion are manifested in the curious shapes of rocks such as the Balladora or the Three Juradets.
We ignore two paths that emerge to the left and right, and a kilometer ahead we come to a suspension bridge that crosses the Monsant River and another, smaller one over the Sant Bartomeu stream.
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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.3176 Longitude: 0.824931
Zone: Congost de Fraguerau