Shelter - Refugio de Dorria


15 beds Free to use 1952m

To this refuge is accessed by the GR 11.8 track that from the village of Dorria reaches this refuge, and following the path, in just a few meters passed the town is transformed into the GR 11.
It passes through a small gate that separates the forest track, and a small clearing to park the car, and to our right we see the Montgrony mountain range.
At this point we leave the GR (marked with red and white signs) and turn to our right. It is a point where the track that leaves the GR makes a 180º turn to our right. Further on there is a small fork where the track is lost and we find some red signs where we are told to follow the path through a small meadow turning left and going west. Following the path you enter through a pine forest where it takes you directly to the shelter of Dorria.

The refuge is located in the so-called Valle de Ribes or Puig Dorria.
It is a free refuge and acceptable conditions, with a fireplace and a small river to its surroundings.

Update November 2016;
Shelter in good conditions for the night. It has 4G coverage in the shelter and in the area. Easy access following the path that leaves from the village of Dorria.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.3446 Longitude: 2.05711
Zone: Valle de Ribes