Shelter - Refugio de la Feixa


10 beds Free to use 2170m

The refuge is accessed by the N-260, which can be accessed by Meranges, or from Guils de la Cerdaña next to Puigcerda, which will be easier, as it is indicated by the GR-11 and where we can access car to the same shelter, only in summer. The refuge is located between the towns of Meranges and Guils de la Cerdaña.
The train stop is Puigcerda where, from the same city, the GR-11 passes
The refuge is located on a large plane, in front of the GR and behind a large forest where it is possible to find a stream and with a lot of water.
Walking to the refuge from Guils de la Cerdanya and the GR, the road is well signposted and it can take about 3 hours 30 minutes From Meranges in summer, you can also arrive by a track to this same refuge. To do this, follow the track that climbs Malniu refuge and over 1,965 meters take a detour from the track that turns to our right until we pass in front of the same shelter.
Walking, from the village of Meranges it can take about 2 hours 30 minutes.

The house itself has two parts, one that is properly the refuge and another, to our left, whose purpose is to store food for the cattle and that is not very apt to spend the night.
Entering we have in front a table that is next to a wooden surface that makes beds, on our left.
On our right there is a fireplace. It also has windows overlooking the esplanade and the valley.
From places close to the refuge, there is a lake located half an hour away from the refuge, the Malniu refuge is also half an hour away.
Al Puigpedrós takes about two and a half hours.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.4639 Longitude: 1.81526
Zone: Valle de la Feixa