Shelter - Refugio de la Canova de Talaixà


10 beds Free to use 755m

To access the refuge, we arrive to Olot, and take the A-26 to the exit 75 in the Comet, where we will take the GIP-5233 to Montagut where we will connect with the GIV-5231 to Sardenes, where if we follow the road until the end, becomes a forest track, where ends in a fourth parking, from there begins a small path that leads directly to the refuge.

Next to the refuge there is a small hermitage, the refuge consists of two plants with capacity for approximately 10 person, in its surroundings there are streams with abundant water, and to sleep, it is on the ground, and quite clean. It has a fireplace, and it seems that it is a farmhouse or a house for its good condition, but no, it is a free refuge.

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Contact Hiking association: Centre Excursionista d'Olot (CEO)


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.3001 Longitude: 2.57216
Zone: Valle de la Dolceira