Shelter - Refugio de la Covil


15 beds Free to use 1779m

To access the refuge, you have to reach the village of Ribes de Freser, and take the GIV-4011 to Campelles (6 km). From Barcelona by train, direction Puigcerdá-La Tour de Querol, station Ribes de Freser.

We start the itinerary in Campelles (1300 mts) along the asphalted track towards El Baell. After a few meters we will go to the side of the cemetery. We continue on the track. We will pass by the Font Roja bridge, then a curve with a slope and there we will find the detour that takes us to the Pla de Prats area.
In the detour we go down the road to the right. Further on we will reach another fork where we continue on the right towards Montgrony
Approximately 1.2 km. further on is the refuge of Pla de Prats (1562 mts.), which we passed. Further on there are indicative signs, and horizontal yellow marks.
We continue towards Nevá - Coll Roig - Montgrony and after 50 meters we will find on our left the detour that takes us to La Covil and a narrow path where later we will have to turn left and continue ascending until we find a slightly wider track that will take us directly to the shelter.

The refuge is located about 50 meters from the torrent of Feinera and around the refuge the source of Marge.
The refuge can be accessed from Campelles and from El Baell.

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de Campelles

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.2834 Longitude: 2.10471
Zone: Valle la Cometa