Shelter - Refugio Forestal del Cortal den Vidal


20 beds Free to use 1650m

To access the refuge, from the Cadí tunnel, to reach the town of Urús where we take the GR-150 to a fork indicated by signs, we follow the path passing through the shelter of the Pleta dels Ordiassos known as refuge Urús , until arriving at the Cortal d'en Vidal refuge.
The refuge is on top of the Cadí tunnel.

It is a refuge that is located in the Serra del Cadí, specifically on the Cadí tunnel, on the north slope.
Access: You can arrive by train to the Urtx-Alp stop, and from there walk to the town of Das and then passing through the village of Urús following the forest track, approximately 10 km.
It is a very nice refuge (not to be watched) and is in very good condition.
In winter it is possible to find some snow, but there is no problem as the road is very well marked (there is even a forest track).
The only problem is that there is not a fountain in good condition nearby.
Description: New construction building, with circular roof and porch around it. It consists of a single room, with an iron fireplace and work benches. It has a recreational area with tables and benches outside. Open all year long.

Ascents, Puig Siquer 2072m. Roques Altes de Moixerá 2260m.

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Hiking association: Servicio territorial de Medio Natural de Girona (Ajuntamiento de Urús)


Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.326 Longitude: 1.84085
Zone: Sierra del Moixeró