Shelter - Caseta de la cruz de Montigalá


3 beds Free to use 147m

Booth that is located in the Serralada de Marina Park, is a small booth, which serves only as a meteorological emergency. It has no door or services. It is just above the high summit of the Park where the Cross of Montigalà is located. The people of the area consider this a sacred temple, since the legend says that the Virgin appeared to a lady, so some other Sunday people go to pray. In front of the stand there is a wooded area where they have created a small altar.

Since 2002, a group of people have been urbanizing the eastern part of the mountain of Montigalà on a religious level, as a kind of open-air sanctuary. In addition to painting the 14 Stations of the Cross on the existing rocks of the mountain, they will recreate places where Jesus was, such as Bethlehem and other places.
According to the press, there was a woman who said that the Virgin appeared to her in a carob tree. And around him, they have made like an altar and a baptismal font.
Nowadays some hooligans have dirtied with paint all the rocks where there were signs of the Way of the Cross, but they do not give up their faith, they say that one day the hooligans will get tired.

To get there, you can leave the vehicle less than two km away, in the street Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, just before starting the dirt road closed with a chain to the vehicle. Follow the dirt road and pass under the highway, there is another road that deviates to the right where there is another chain, which we cross and follow the path that goes up sharply. Before arriving at this cabin there is a small cave inside the rock where about 4 or 5 people can fit to take refuge also in case of emergency, since the civilization is in less than two Kim. You reach the house in about 35 -40 minutes.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.4643 Longitude: 2.231
Zone: Turo de Montigalá