Shelter - Refugi Sant Jordi


44 beds Paid 1565m

In 1951 the Catalan delegation of the then Spanish Federation of Mountaineering enabled the old Hostal del Font del Faig as a refuge, located in a strategic area at the foot of the Coll de Pendís. Time afterwards, the precarious state of the building caused the owners to transfer to the FEEC a neighboring plot to erect a new refuge. Thanks to the economic support of the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​an equipment was built which was opened in October 1961. Although the architectural structure of the building has remained - in fact it is the same as in the Estanys de la Pera and Serra de Ensija refuges - today Sant Jordi is a very cozy and comfortable refuge. The refuge is the crossroads of the Horses of the Wind, the Magic Mountains and the Good Men's Road. Also, access through the PR-C 125, a beautiful excursion that runs through the Empedrats, the old Camí de la Cerdanya, following the spectacular and embedded valley of the river Pendís, is a totally recommended experience. As for the ascents, the star of the area is the Peñas Altas del Moixeró (2,276m), the most charismatic summit of the Moixeró mountain range.


+34 931985150 Hiking association: FEEC Guard name(s): Toni Bosque


Blankets Food and beverages Heating Internet Shower WC

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.2941 Longitude: 1.805
Access on foot: From Hostalet by PR-C 125 (2 h), from Coll de Pendís, from Riu de Cerdanya (30 min); from of Gréixer by Coll d'Escriu (2.30), from Prat d'Aguiló (4 h), and from the refuge Rebost (3.30 h).
Access by car: Track from Bagà to the Hostalet, where you begin to walk along the Empedrats route (PR-C 125). It can also be accessed from Gréixer. You can also get there from La Cerdanya by taking the track that leaves the Riu de Cerdanya and that will take us to the chain that is near the Coll de Pendís.
Zone: Serra de Moixeró, Parc Natural del Cadí-Moixeró.
Emplacement: Al vessant sud del coll del Pendís, al costat de la Font del Faig.