Shelter - Chozo Aranguez


10 beds Free to use 1900m

Great chozo reformed in 2015 with beautiful views of the Peñalara massif between Madrid and Segovia in the forests of Valsaín.

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The northwestern slope of the Peñalara Massif, approximately one kilometer above the plane to the northwest of the Peñalara peak itself, around 1900. There, at the foot of the final ramps of 500 meters of altitude of the mountain, the land is leveled in pastures used by cattle, known as Majada Hambrienta. There are several stone walls that testify to the old existence of corrals and huts, one of which was rehabilitated and converted into the mountain refuge we are talking about here.


* From the Puerto de Cotos: Route marked in red in the sketch above. 5 kilometers, with 300 meters of vertical climb and 200 meters of descent. The previous data (and the route of the sketch) refer to taking the Path of the Alpine Battalion, PR 3, marked by marks on the trees, and that leaves behind the Casa de los Cotos, towards the Northwest, up the hill between Peña Citores and Dos Hermanas, and look to the north (surrounding Dos Hermanas without raising them) the path that descends towards the Hungry Majada. I think it's the fastest, because Dos Hermanas can also be climbed on the well-known path, which seems to take less, but in fact it gives more, due to the multiple zigzags, in addition to the greater slopes.

* From San Ildefonso or La Granja (Segovia): Route marked in blue in the sketch. 10 kilometers, with 800 meters of vertical drop. At the exit of the town, in direction Puerto de Navacerrada (CL road? 601), small blue hiking signs appear on the left that indicate the direction of the Prairie of Navalhorno, deviating from the road along an asphalted track to the East; following these signs until we find other old wooden signs, we deviate following the direction to Peñalara that the latter indicate us now. Tra

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.8578 Longitude: -3.96686
Zone: Majada Hambrienta