Shelter - Refugio Los Alces


7 beds Free to use 500m

From Santander take the A-67 (Cantabria-Meseta Highway) towards Torrelavega where we connect to the A-8 (Cantábrico Highway) towards Zurita where at exit 228 we return to the A-67 to exit 172 at Barros, we will take in that same town a road to the town of Coo. There we will take a path to the refuge. You can also access the refuge from the town of Los Corrales de Buelma.

From Coo, which is a town that is next to Barros and Los Corrales de Buelna. You have to pass the town until the end and from there, you pass the church and behind a Cantabrian mansion, the track begins. It is the first section, of a track surrounded by chestnut trees, in the middle of the forest. The road is easily seen and in front of it, stakes are seen nailed with yellow and white flags. The road is also easy to recognize, because most of the route is a kind of boat, more sunken, which is where the bikes go all the time, so you can see enough wheel tracks. It is to follow the track all the time and follow the paths that are seen. You will get up the mountain to a large black metal cross. From there, at approximately 40 meters, the refuge is on the right. So that's " La Cabañuca ". With the Cabañuca on your back, you look straight ahead and you see a pretty large field, and a little path that goes in the middle. You have to follow that trail to go to this refuge of the Elk. Even so, if you look towards the Northeast, a little forward and to the right, you can see the refuge on a hill, high up ... You can also go cross country, because there is a lot of campa.
Duration: 1:30 hours approximately from Coo. (30 minutes from " La Cabañuca)

It is a stone shelter, with a roof with two slopes, it has a fireplace and bunk beds, although these are in poor condition and it is preferable to sleep better on the ground.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 43.2526 Longitude: -4.13008
Zone: Valle de Coo