Shelter - Refugio El Pilar


10 beds Free to use 1410m

Description: It is located between the mountain ranges of Cumbre Nueva and Cumbre Vieja, almost in the center of the island. It is surrounded by a pine forest at the foot of Birigoyo Peak (1,811 meters).
It is one of the oldest recreational areas of the island, very popular in the days of good weather among palm families. Its location, in the approximate half of the mountainous ridge that divides the island, is ideal as a starting point for the well-known Ruta de los Volcanes, which is part of the well-known cane path. The authorized stay limit for tents is 7 days.

Municipality: El Paso. It is located in Cumbre Vieja Natural Park, on the island of Palma.

Services: Camping area, playground, drinking water, showers, toilets, stoves, barbecue sheds, benches and self-guided mycological trail (mushroom season).

-The resource is reached by road LP-301 that connects San Isidro (Breña Alta) with El Paso. It can also be accessed from the west by the LP-3 bypassing the LP-301.
-The road, paved and about three kilometers, part of the transversal route LP-2 at the height of its kilometer 21. This is also the point to which it is possible to arrive by public transport, using the route between Santa Cruz de La Palma and Los Llanos de Aridane.

Permission / Authorization:
There is an annex area for camping, but requires prior authorization. For the use of kitchens 1 and 2 and kitchen north. On the other hand, in kitchens free 1, free 2 and free 3 you do not have to ask for permission or authorization. For the visit to the interpretation center no.
Ministry of Environment (Avenida de los Indianos, 20 [Santa Cruz de La Palma] - Telephone: 922 423 100)

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+34 922411583 Hiking association: Consejería de Medioambiente del Cabildo de La Palma


Beds Cooking space Drinking water Shower Table WC

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 28.6135 Longitude: -17.8363
Zone: Cumbre Nueva y Cumbre Vieja