Shelter - Fuente Genaro


15 beds Free to use 1260m

Zone: Montes del Jalón, Jiloca and Alfambra
Condition: Good / Clean


- Fuente Genaro refuge is located in the Sierra de Vicort, at the foot of the Santa Brigida or Vicora Peak, and is located on the lower part of a dirt track. It is located at 1260 m. of altitude and belongs to the municipality of El Frasno.

- Along with the refuge Caseta Blanca de Inogés, or also known as Acebal (also registered in the web of which is 15 min. On foot, it can serve as starting point to ascend to the Santa Brigida and Rayo peaks, roof of the Sierra de Vicort.


- We start from Épila and after passing the towns of Lucena de Jalón and Calatorao, we arrive at La Almunia de Doña Godina, where we follow the old N II, until we reach the intersection that indicates Santa Cruz de Grio. We go to this town and on arrival, we follow the road towards Inogés, which we reached after 5'5 km., Where we parked in the last house of the town, on our right.


- We take the street opposite called Virgen de Jerusalen, which takes us to a peirón where said Virgin is. We continue along the track on the right, which ascends willingly, with Barranco de la Sierra on our right.

- We went to the other slope and arrived at the Barranco del Acebal, which we crossed. We continue ascending, and the track divides in two, we follow by the left, in strong ascent until the proximities of a small hill, and before arriving at the left a path marked with a milestone leaves to our left.

- After taking this path we go flattening, and afterwards in a gentle climb we reach the Viver de Vicort - Aluenda trail, where the shelter of Caseta Blanca de Inogés is located. From here we follow the track towards Aluenda (our right) and after 15 min. we come to him.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.3793 Longitude: -1.498
Zone: Sierra de Vicort