Shelter - Refugio de La Estiva


6 beds Free to use 2070m

Location: On a hill above the plain located west of the Estiva peak.
Accesses: by track of 10 km. From Espierba. Precarious for cars on the GR-11 trail from the Hermitage of Pineta, 2h.
Characteristics: Shelter with attached wooden block and Uralite roof. Shelter for 5-6 people. Rough. Water in nearby trough.

Ascents: Ibones and Pico de la Munia. Picos de la Estiva, Sobrestiva, Piedramula, Comodoto, Chinipro and Robiñera. Ski mountain. GR-11 in crossing to Chisagües and Parzán. BTT from Espierba.

Starting place

Bielsa is the gateway to the Pineta Valley. Once we get to the bottom of the valley we will park where we can, but if we find a place we should go to the paid parking (1.5 € for the whole day).

The Hermitage of Pineta is just where the road ends, next to the hostel. From there, a steep path ascends towards the Llanos plains; It is marked.

30 ') The path takes us to the track that also goes up to La Larri. The track is curving as it ascends but we can choose to take direct shortcuts that avoid these long curves.

(45 ') We will reach the Llanos de La Larri, a wonderful meadow where a peaceful river flows. On the right hand side the GR goes up towards the Estiva. It is well marked with red and white signs.

This part is quite hard, but taking it calmly we will end up arriving at La Estiva (2h), another area of ​​prairies where there are usually enough cattle.

At this point we will leave the GR-11 but the climb up to the Sobrestiva is the least clear part to follow. The top of the Sobrestiva is covered and you can not see where we are from. There is not a single definite path, what we will do is to follow the NE direction until reaching a gravel zone where the slope becomes quite hard (2h 25 ').
We will go up the gravel zone and after surrounding a rocky promontory on the right we will go up to the Sobrestiva. This part is already much clearer because

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Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6836 Longitude: 0.10668
Zone: Valle de la Pineta