Shelter - Refugio de Miramundos


10 beds Free to use 2077m

The refuge is located in the Sierra Mágina Natural Park (Jaen. It has a fireplace, with capacity for about 10 people, to sleep on the floor.

beginning of the route from the A-324 road at kilometer 17.5 between the towns of Cambil and Huelma. We can take as reference the Hermitage of Fuensanta and the CEDEFO (Forest Defense Center). At this point we will take a dirt road that is also marked by a sign indicating the entrance to it with the sign " Pico Mágina " (if we go in the direction of Huelma, since in the opposite direction there is no such sign).
Following the dirt road we will find the informative sign of the beginning of the route, where we can leave the car and start the path signaled by the Junta de Andalucía. Although we propose to continue ascending by car to the Cortijo de la Tosquilla, and start the route from there. If we want to make the long route, from this point we will have to add another 5 kilometers of ascent and almost 1 hour and a half of time, plus the subsequent descent.

We will continue along the dirt road taking the Camino de la Tosquilla with our vehicle, which would be the second detour to the right on the curve (afterwards we will not find any more crosses). The track is in good condition to go with a tourist. As we take altitude, the Sierra Nevada can be seen better behind us. We will arrive at a large farmhouse, Cortijo de la Tosquilla, on a large esplanade where, this time, we will leave the car and start our route on foot.

Entrance to the road from the A-324 road and view of the junction to the Camino de la Tosquilla. We will start walking along the track that ascends behind the Cortijo, which after 2 kilometers will become a path that begins to gain height on the slope. At this point we find a sign reminding us not to abandon the path to avoid soil erosion. From here the path is marked with signs of wood and ca

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.731 Longitude: -3.44287
Zone: Hoya de los Tejos