Shelter - Refugio de la Era Fustal


10 beds Free to use 1347m

It is one of the 11 refuges equipped with the layout of the GR 247 - "Bosques del Sur". If you go along the signposted trail Bosques del Sur you will find it at km 17.2 of stage number 20. In the area there is abundant wildlife, being frequent to observe the flight of the golden eagle and hear the bellowing of the deer in autumn. This is located at a crossroads between Segura de la Sierra, Siles and Río Madera, on the hill between the Trujala River Valley and the Tus River Valley, which separates the Guadalquivir and Segura basins.

It has a table and bunk beds where 10 or 12 people can stay.

Like all the shelters of the GR-247, and is indicated on a sign inside the shelter, its use is exclusively for walkers or cyclists, preferably those who are making the GR247 path. And its use is not allowed to those who arrive at the shelter in motorized vehicles.

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Beds Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 38.3106 Longitude: -2.58231
Zone: Navalcaballo