Shelter - Refugio de Elorrieta


16 beds Free to use 3187m

You can find water in the Laguna de Lanjarón in summer (about 15 min.), Or a half hour down, in the Lagunillos de la Virgen.
The fastest way to access it, is from the road barrier of the mountains, at the height of the university hostel of the ski resort of Sierra Nevada, where the car is left and from there we take the path that continues to borreguiles and the Laguna de las Yeguas. Then, we went up in the direction of the pits of the Virgin and by them and their well marked path to the door of the same refuge. You can get on it as a mere excursion and in passing, in some maps the hill is cataloged as a three thousand, have it as an ascent of a mountain.
It can also be accessed from the town of Tello following the edge of the Lanjaron river.

Note: In winter it is continually covered in snow and whipped by strong blizzards.

The difference in temperature soon fissures the brick vault until it falls, and time and especially the vandalism did the rest. Soon it was completely dismantled: doors, windows, heaters, water pipes, light ... disappeared until the most complete ruin. In the middle of the century an attempt was made to recover and even in the 60s it was partially rebuilt. Three rooms equipped with bunk beds were restored, living room with fireplace, kitchen, washbasin and toilets.
However, it is currently in a poor state of conservation again, although it can always be useful to protect itself from the inclemencies of the weather. You can use the lounge, which has a table with its benches, and a couple of rooms with bunk beds, although there are no mattresses. The door fits well, and closes with latch.

You can find water in the neighboring Laguna de Lanjarón in summer (about 15 min.), Or a half hour downhill, in the Lagunillos de la Virgen.

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Hiking association: Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada


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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.0413 Longitude: -3.3922
Zone: Laguna de Lanjarón