Shelter - Refugio Ventura


8 beds Free to use 2250m

Access from Laranjón:
To access the refuge from the village of Laranjon (from Granada towards Motril on the A-44 where exit 164 to Laranjon). From Lanjarón, take a path indicated by signs to the Tello forest house, along the Laranjón river ravine, and the Tello forest where, if we continue along the path, we arrive at the Ventura refuge. To reach the refuge, from Laranjón can be done by several trails that leave from each end of the town, following the directions you reach the Ventura shelter, since all the roads arrive in Rome, you just have to follow the signs as if you were going to the refuge of the Horse or the one of Elorrieta. In the surroundings of the refuge, as a point of reference there is a heliport and a small pond, following the route to Tello, you will also reach the refuge.
Distance 5,5 Km
Duration 1h 30min;

Access from Acequias-Nigüelas
From Granada direction Motril on the A-44 where exit 157 at Acequias-Nigüelas. We leave Acequias going up towards Plunes and then take the track of Rinconada de Nigüelas, but then we leave it to the right on a track that goes towards the hill of the Ten Lucks (direction Mondujar).
We have a constant rise, with not much slope except the first kilometers and long. Basically they are 27 kilometers of ascent in which we will pass of the 878 m. of altitude that Acequias has at 2300 m that has the ditch that passes over the refuge of Ventura.

Ventura is a refuge at the foot of the Horse on its southern slope, it is above Tello at 2242 meters of altitude.

The refuge is quite ruined, but saves in cold and night situations. It has no door or windows and has a fireplace. There is water in the surroundings, and the river Laranjón.

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Hiking association: Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 36.981 Longitude: -3.4645
Zone: Laguna Lanjarón