Shelter - Refugio Claror


20 beds Free to use 2280m

The refuge of Claror is located in the Vall de Claror, between the pass of Prat Primer, Perafita and the La Nou pond.

It has 20 seats. The refuge of Claror is located at 2,280 meters of altitude, is built of stone and has a wooden roof). It was inaugurated in the year 1981. It has a fireplace and bunk beds. You can access it by car to Certès and, from there, by Manyat, following the path of Certesos. The refuge can also be reached from Entremesaigües following the river, or from the Pic Negre de Claror, from the La Rabassa Snow Field. The duration of the route on foot is of 2 - 3 hours approximately and of 980 - 1,040 meters of difference, depending on the route that has been chosen. It is an unguarded refuge, which is open all year, although maintenance is usually done during the summer months (cleaning, firewood, first aid kit ...). The refuge has a torrent of water next to it and there is coverage for the mobile phone. The level of difficulty of the walking tour is easy.

Vall de Claror
(+376) 875 712

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Hiking association: Govern de Andorra


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.4701 Longitude: 1.56389
Zone: Vall de Claror

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