Campsite - Zona acampada controlada - Fuente de los Cerezos


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Located in the Sierra de Las Villas, the landscape of this controlled camping area is made up of old pine forests of repopulation. However, the most inaccessible areas are one of the last redoubts of the original Mediterranean forest in the area.
The facilities provide the user with a good shade to shelter from the sun in summer, fountain, barbecues and deposits for the waste generated during the visit.

The surroundings, in turn, present great attractions and several itineraries lead to contemplate panoramas such as that offered from the Mirador del Tapadero. Here, the landscape opens to show spectacular vertical walls where you can contemplate the flight of great raptors. Human presence is also evident in the cultivation of olive trees.


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 38.1622 Longitude: -2.84788