Shelter - Refugi Pla de les Llomes


8 beds Free to use

Access to the refuge is made by taking a dirt road and stones from the main paved road about 100 meters before reaching the El Chaparral restaurant. From the road to the shelter there are about 300 meters. This piece of road is irregular and has many stones, so it must be done on foot or with a fairly tall 4x4 vehicle.

In the area of ​​the refuge there is hardly any mobile phone coverage or even none (depending on the telephone company). There is also no water source nearby.

The shelter is abandoned and open. Even so, it is in acceptable conditions. The approximate dimensions are about 5 x 9 meters. Access preserves the door; There is a fireplace, three windows (without glass and with bars) and a kind of interior room (without door) that has its own roof. One of the three windows is in this interior room. Above this room is an area with a piece of wall that can be used for sleeping. This “mezzanine” is accessed through metal bar steps (“via ferrata” type). Inside the room could fit up to 4 people, and another 4 in the "loft." Outside the room (the fireplace area) would fit another 4 people. Although up to 12 people could sleep, the fireplace area would be insufficient to “make day life” for so many people: more than 8 people would be quite uncomfortable. On both sides of the chimney there are the typical construction benches (cement), which are quite wide. The ceiling has wooden beams in which some nail could be put to hang some lighting system. The outer part of the roof looks bad (many tiles broken and dislocated) but still, no water enters when it rains. To cover the windows, cartons (window sizes: 110x80 cm) could be used with nails (the window frames are made of wood).

Fallen pines abound nearby, so it is easy to get firewood.

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 39.6993 Longitude: -0.412483
Zone: Camp de Túria