Shelter - Refugio de Larraitza


30 beds Free to use 1060m

- Altitude: 1,060 m.

-Situation: Sierra de Urbasa-Peñas de Etxabarri. At the foot of the Peñas de Etxabarri.

-Access: from the parking lot at the entrance to the Monastery of Iranzu, a road ascends steeply, passing an iron gate. Take a wide path to the left, located before reaching a watering hole that leads to the refuge.

-Features: usually closed, ask for keys at the owner club. It has a wood stove, living room, bunk beds and kitchen utensils. Water and firewood in the vicinity. Capacity 30 seats. Free shelter.

-Ascensiones: Peñas de Azanza, Dulantz, Larrairza, Krezmendi, etc.

-Activities: Ascents to Peñas de Azanza, Dulantz, Larrairza, Krezmendi, etc.

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+34 948552235 Hiking association: Club montañero de Estella


Beds Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.7508 Longitude: -2.06289
Zone: Peñas de Etxabarri