Shelter - Refugio Zabala


5 beds Free to use 2079m

From Madrid take the A-6 to Collado Villalba where at exit 39 we will take the M-601 to the Puerto de Navacerrada where we will take the detour from the M-604 to Cotos, where we will leave the car in the port parking lot from Cotos and we will take the road to the refuge of Zabala.
The nearest train stop is Cotos (renfe)
The refuge is located in the Natural Park of Peñalara, right on the border of the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León.

Parking of the Port of Cotos (1830 m.) - House of the Park-Mirador de la Gitana-Deposito shed-I follow the indicators of RP1-Little Sister (2269 m.) - I continue along the ridge, Big Sister (2284 m.) where later I continue along the Peñalara ridge (2429 m.). Here, I descend along the same path to the pass between the two Sisters (2255 m.) Where there is a path to the left that goes directly to the Zabala Refuge, where we will cross with the RP2 that leads to the Zabala Refuge (2079 m.) It is indicated by the PR-M-SG-15 and by indication signs. It is easy to access and has no loss, since you just have to follow the road and directions.

The refuge is stone, has a fireplace and capacity for 5 people tight. Inside there is another apartment, which is locked and locked, where inside is a weather station. In its surroundings there are small ponds and streams.

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Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.8372 Longitude: -3.95832
Zone: Laguna grande de Peñalara