Shelter - Refugio Borda Gavatxó


15 beds Free to use 1800m

To reach the refuge, you have to access the Principality of Andorra through the CG-1, passing through Sant Juliá de Lária passat and in Aixovall take the CS-110 that leads directly to the town of Os de Civis.
We can continue by vehicle to the Borda de la Plana where there is a hotel, where here the road ends and a forest track begins. Following the forest track about 600 meters or so, there is a small turn to the left where a path goes through a small forest of dark pines, we arrive still clear, where we continue leaving the forest on our left will take us directly to the refuge.

It is indicated by signs, is the itinerary 4 and from the village to the refuge are practically an hour's walk.
The refuge is next to the river of Saloria and this house is used or used as a shepherd and cattle hut.
The refuge consists of two floors, with a capacity of approximately 15 people and has a fireplace.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.5103 Longitude: 1.41958
Zone: Pla de la Cabana

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