Shelter - Refugio Coll de Banyuls


12 beds Free to use 358m

Small cabin located on the border Banyuls canto pass on the Alberes, accessible by vehicle. Sleeping has platforms that are slightly raised from the ground, in good condition and clean. a large table, a fireplace (no wood).

ACCESS: On the road from Espolla to Banyuls-sur-Mer, Coll de Banyuls is crowned and a few meters from the road there is the refuge.


+34 672461884 Hiking association: Centro Excursionista Empordanès


Beds Cooking space Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.4505 Longitude: 3.05378
Zone: En el propi Coll de Banyuls al nord a la carena.