Shelter - refugio Cortal dels Cortils


7 beds Free to use 2228m

Interior of the refuge, with the essentials to survive an emergency in such a beautiful but inhospitable place, and a sleeping loft with capacity for 5 people.
valley of cortils
It is located in the Natural Park of Cadí - Moixeró
From the campsite Repòs del Pedraforca
We will take the B-400 road towards Gósol,
passing below the town of Saldes and
we will take the first deviation to the right of the
asphalted track that goes to the viewpoint of
0,00 h. Mirador de Gresolet, 1,567 meters,
we will follow the track that goes under the
impressive north wall of Pedraforca.
We pass under the path that leads to
Lluis Estasen shelter, and we continue passing the
Different streams: Torrent of Riambau,
Torrente del Verdet, Torrente de la Gerdera,
Canal Llarga and the Canal del Roc Blanc. 1,40 h.
We surround the north face of Pedraforca and
we got Collell, 1,845 m., PR marks
(yellow and white) for most of the
travel, when we reach the Collell we also find
GR marks (red and white) 2.00 h. we continue
down the track, we come to a fork, Coll de
Les Bassotes, 1,873 m. Indicator poster
We leave the main track and take the
ascending path on the left, we reach
Prat Toixones. We follow the PR mark
(yellow and white). The road, which is a track
abandoned, runs doing loops,
we can cut the curves up through the meadow
to cut the route. 3.20 h. We arrived at
Prat Llong, where the abandoned track ends,
we observe the slope that we have over
our to reach the already very close crest,
There are some big cairns that indicate the passage
to cross the ridge and go down to the
contrary to the Serra Pedregosa. Height 2,300
meters. The descent towards the Coma de Cortils has
a first aerial section, but the path is fine
marked, to which we lose meters the terrain is
It makes it easier and we go down without more problems.
4,00 h. Coma

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.2821 Longitude: 1.69149
Zone: Valle Cortal dels Cortils