Shelter - Refugio Cebrián


7 beds Free to use 1480m

Belongs to the Natural Area of: ENP Sierra de Urbión.

It belongs to the hunting reserve of: Regional Hunting Reserve of the Sierra de Urbión.

Scots pine forest next to Barranco Cebrián stream.
Chimney. Townhouse.
GR 86.1 next
Open shelter, accessible for a tourist.

Way of Access: By the asphalted forest track that leaves from highway SO-821 and goes to the Black Lagoon, leaving the detour to it to the left and following the track that happens through the hermitage of Santa Inés; from the hermitage onwards unpaved track and taking two crosses on the right.

Name of the Mount: MUP Santa Inés and Verdugal.

Distance to the nearest town: 20 km.

Points of interest:
Salduero: Church of San Juan Bautista, Gothic elements. Hermitage of Santo Cristo.
Molinos de Duero: Church of San Martín de Tours, Gothic. Hiking, GR-86.
Montenegro de Cameros: Hermitage of San Mamés, s IX, remains of Romanesque paintings.
Vinuesa: " La Pinochada ", a party that commemorates an ancient battle. Church of Our Lady of the Pine, gothic. Ermita de la Soledad, Gothic. Roman bridge Palaces of the Marquises de la Vilueña and the Vinuesa family. The Black Lagoon. Hiking, GR 86-1.
El Quintanarejo: Free stretch without death Revinuesa (SO-1), Revinuesa river.

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de Vinuesa



How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.0145 Longitude: -2.79717
Zone: Arroyo Barranco Cebrián