Shelter - Refugio de Hoya Cuevas


12 beds Free to use 1940m

It is located at the head of the River Body of Man, at about 1940m in height. The easiest access is going up the river from La Dehesa, at Puente del Avellanar, on the road that connects Candelario with La Garganta. By track until the first large curve (approximately 1.3kms) and then a path marked with milestones lead to flat at the head of the River Body of Man at an altitude of about 1850m, the refuge is traced some 70m on the right.

It consists of a room with fireplace and a raised platform where 6 people can fit and another 6 on the floor under the platform. It has a very complete kit.

The shelter itself, is currently in poor condition, as the roof is detached inside filling the floor and debris. And although it still remains covered, it has leaked, and it is uncomfortable in winter.

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Drinking water Fireplace First aid kit Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.3057 Longitude: -5.76023
Zone: Sierra de Candelario