Shelter - Choza de los Prados de Mazaruel


3 beds Free to use 1525m

It is located in the Prados de Mazaruel, at the western end of the Campos de Santiago or Martín Moro. The accesses are from the town of Fasgar by the track that goes back to Collado del Campo or from Colinas del Campo of Martín Moro Toledano, going up the entire Boeza River valley.

At the door of the shelter there is a plaque indicating that the keys have to be ordered from the mayor in Fasgar, but when I was there (March 2012) the door was open.

It has a rudimentary platform with capacity for 2 people and two other people could sleep on the floor, although it is not very clean and there is an improvised home in the center that would complicate the situation a little for more than 3 people.

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento de Fasgar


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8108 Longitude: -6.28451
Zone: Campo de Martín Moro. Sierra de Gistredo