Shelter - Refugio de Burbia o Acebalín


5 beds Free to use 1473m

Shelter located in a beautiful field surrounded by a forest of holly. The refuge, although a bit dirty, is well equipped for the night. It has a small shed with firewood. Inside the shelter there is a fireplace where to make fire. A nice and rustic bench made with logs and two wooden shelves, like bunks, where several people could sleep. There is also a saw in case you have to cut some wood. The mountaineers who pass through here, also leave some food.

Refuge of El Acebalín, whose name comes from the great mass of holly trees that grows nearby. Not far from there and outside the forest, there are two small lagoons called Lagos de Villouso, under the southeastern slope of the Pico de la Mostallal.

Like all the shelters in the western part of the Cantabrian mountain range, El Acebalín has no light or guard, because it consists of a simple hut to spend the night, which in this case can be done in a loft that has a capacity for 5 or 6 people approximately.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8157 Longitude: -6.8405
Zone: Mostallal