Shelter - Refugio del Circo de Cuiña


4 beds Free to use 1760m

This is a small shepherd's hut converted into a refuge and located in a small valley, on the edge of the valley of Ancares. Round in shape, with a roof of tile and wood, the shelter lacks windows, so it is a construction well isolated from the cold. Its capacity is very small, just for the overnight stay of four mountaineers: two in the lower part, and two in a loft that is accessed by a staircase. It has the basics: a fireplace, cut wood, a table as a table and a wooden bench. Once again, we found the refuge with the remains of waste that we decided to collect to lower them to the nearest town, although in general it is in a more than acceptable state. Through the valley that surrounds it, it crosses a stream and, a bit above the Cuiña lagoon, towards which we finally directed our steps.

Located between the Cuiña and Venera towards the side of Tejedo de Ancares.
It is the smallest of the list. It has a fireplace. A table and a table to sleep. Four people as much.
The nearest water source that I know of is located a bit above the lagoon on the slopes of the Cuiña. From here you can climb Cuiña, Dos Hermanitos, Mostallar, and Peñalonga fundamentally.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.8506 Longitude: -6.8308
Zone: Valle de Ancares