Shelter - Refugio de Cerrogordo


5 beds Free to use 1298m

The refuge of Cerrogordo is located at an altitude of 1298 m, within the Moncayo National Park.

Leaving Épila, we passed the towns of Lucena de Jalón and Calatorao and reached La Almunia de Doña Godina, a town that we crossed following the old road N II and without leaving it we came to a detour to the right, which we took, towards Morata de Jalón, after reaching the city and within its urban area, we take a new detour now to the right that takes us to the town of Chodes, after which we pass through the towns of Arandiga, Nigüella, Mesones and Tierga. After passing this last town we access a detour to our left that takes us to the towns of Trasobares and Calcena and after 6 km. from this last town we reach Purujosa.
The shortest route to access the, is the following:

Starting from the upper part of the town, take the path that goes into the Barranco de la Virgen, until you reach a dirt track, where we turn right, and after about 500 m. We arrive at the Collado de Barrevinosos. In this hill, we turn left and on a steep slope we arrive at 1:15 h. approximately.

From here we have an unbeatable view of the southern face of the formidable cliff called Muela del Col and its beautiful surroundings.

We can serve as a starting point to ascend to the Muela del Morrón, Peñas de Herrera, Cerro de las Pilas, etc. As well as to shelter us from a possible storm.

It consists of two compartments and one of them is closed. Both the exterior and the interior are in perfect condition.

Stove and firewood.

A table with two benches.

A small candle

It has two windows.

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Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.7055 Longitude: -1.76483
Zone: Muela del Col