Shelter - Refugio Valdemanzano


10 beds Free to use 1300m

Former Valdemanzano Nature Classroom has been set up as a non-kept refuge for public use (free access) that has a fireplace, picnic table and firewood, along with two streams where you can get water that should be made drinkable.
The number of squares of the refuge is ten, but next to it there is also a covered building that can be used to protect oneself from the rain, eat and bivouac.
It is located about 6.5 kilometers from the Fuente de los Frailes; past Cabezo de la Mata, deviate through the next track to the left and follow it without leaving it (it is signposted).
The access from Añon de Moncayo by track that connects this town with the monastery of Moncayo.

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Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.7729 Longitude: -1.78156
Zone: Arroyo Valdemanzano