Shelter - Refugio Collado del Campo


8 beds Free to use 1275m

The shelter of the Collado del Campo was built a few years ago by a brigade from the Moncayo Natural Park. Despite being located in a deforested place with few views - I can not understand why they did not put it closer to the pines of Valdetreviño - it is a good base for excursions through the ravine of Valdeplata, Mount La Tonda or even the route of the GR 90 between the towns of Talamantes and Calcena. Likewise, in case of storm or storm, it can save us from a hurry since there are no nearby shelters.

First of all say that it is not located in the Collado del Campo itself, between the ravines of Valdepino and Valdetreviño. It is located about 300 m. of this, in a secondary colladito following the GR 90 direction to Calcena. It's not hard to find.

The refuge is divided into two parts, an open part and a closed part where the forest brigade keeps material. The " public " part is not excessively large, although 6-8 people can eat at the table. It has firewood, lighter and papers although the home, even though it is very beautiful, does not "pull" and a lot of smoke is formed. It is a problem that most of the recently constructed shelters of the Park have. It has no bunk beds or places to sleep.

Apart from this, it has candles, grills and some provisions (salt, vinegar, chilli peppers, hard bread and little else). The problem is that there is no water near the shelter. In case of extreme need, going down the GR 90 direction Calcena, at about 200 meters there is a cattle raft although in summer I can not guarantee that it contains water. Also the shadow shines by its absence, although in front of the entrance there is a solitary hawthorn of arboreal bearing. Likewise, the entrance porch, with its respective banks, gives shade to the walker.

Another interesting fact is that there is mobile coverage in the refuge. This is important since there is no coverage in the entire Valdeplata ravine.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 41.7083 Longitude: -1.70339
Zone: Barranco Valdepino