Shelter - Refugio del Mas de Damia


10 beds Free to use 700m

AP-7 and past Tarragona at exit 38 in Les Tapies take the C-44 to Mora d'Ebre, where we take the N-420 to Gandesa continue on the C-43 to the detour of the town of El Pinell de Brai where we will take the T-333 to Arnes, which is the last town in Catalonia before moving to the community of Aragón.

From Arnes we will follow the river Algars stream all the time along the track directly to the refuge.
Access by vehicle: Road to Arnes and forest track on the Algars river to the pass closed by chain.
Access on foot: From the chain 0:30 h, from Arnes 2:00 h and from the refuge Terranyes 2:45 h.
In its surroundings are the free shelters of Terranyes and Les Clotes.
The nearest towns are Arnes and Beceite.
In the surroundings of the refuge, there is the Algars river and the Pau fountain.

Ascents: Penyagalera N (1034), Penyagalera S (1018), Miranda (1190, La Ballestera (830), Blau (840) and Bandera (892).

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Hiking association: Ajuntamiento de Arnes (Pg de la Vila 2, (977 435 134))


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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 40.8364 Longitude: 0.261931
Zone: Canalets de Damia