Shelter - Refugio del Paso de los Caballos


5 beds Free to use 2312m

Small refuge located in Puerto del Paso de los Caballos or Collado de Urdiceto, where the GR11 path turns, between the Valleys of Gistaín and Parzán.

Although the construction is in good condition, the interior is quite neglected. It has a fireplace although there is no firewood nearby and it is not very useful.

Very close, at a scarce 1km is the shelter of Lake Urdiceto, renovated a few years ago, in much better condition, so this is only of interest as a haven of fortune in the face of bad weather, or do not want to deviate from the GR11 or if the other shelter is full.

Good located for ascents to Punta Suelza or as a place to stay overnight while you are traveling the GR11.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6687 Longitude: 0.290523
Zone: Valle de Gistain