Shelter - Refugio de Botornás


8 beds Free to use 2352m

The refuge of Botornás is located next to the Ibón de Botornás, which can be accessed by the GR-11 that joins the dam of Llauset with the Ibón Cap de Lauset. The refuge is about 40 minutes from the parking lot of the Llauset dam. The water is easy, since next to it is the Ibón de Botornás. The cabin is a small hut with a table, benches, fireplace and a platform supported with elements of the ground where you can sleep.
The door is held on the outside with two stones so that it does not open, but inside it has a bolt.

To reach the refuge, take the N-230 road from Lleida-Vielha to Senet de Barraves where there is a detour to the town of Aneto. There, a forest track, towards the Llauset dam, where before arriving you will have to go through a narrow tunnel about 100 meters long, on the other side, there is the dam of lauset and where you can leave the car in the parking lot, from there, walking.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.5894 Longitude: 0.68193
Zone: Valle de Llauset