Shelter - Refugio de Telera


30 beds Free to use 1550m


The refuge of Piedrafita is located at the foot of the forest track that from the Cuniacha (Piedrafita de Jaca) ascends to the Embalse / Ibón de Tramacastilla.

Access is not allowed for vehicles. However, from the barrier is less than an hour's walk, and the place is worth it.

The refuge consists of a very large cabin with fireplace, door and windows (closes everything perfectly). THERE IS NO WOOD NEAR, so making fire will be a bit difficult. For the rest it is a spectacular refuge, with a great view on:
-Cara north of Peña Telera and ALL the Sierra de la Partacua
-Peña Tenderera and pico Sabocos
-Picos of the ski resort of Panticosa
-The Kings of Vignemale
-Balaitus and Midi D'ossau (these last two from a small hill located to the west of the refuge)
-The three thousand Panticosa: Argualas, ... and from a little above the ibón, the Hells and its spectacular Marble
-And many that I will leave, so you have to go up to the shelter to tell me what they are = P

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.7019 Longitude: -0.349022
Zone: Valle de Tena