Shelter - Refugio Ostacho


8 beds Free to use 1400m

The refuge is recently restored, next to a fountain. It has a fireplace and there is firewood in the surroundings.
It is located on the track that leaves Ceresa, above Laspuña and after reaching the Collada, the starting point to climb the Peña Montañesa by the quarry, it reaches a bit beyond the shelter and after becoming a path, we It takes you to the Cullivert pass in Viú, the starting point to climb to Cotiella.

Trails marked by the surroundings with the possibility of doing different routes.

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Hiking association: Ayuntamiento Laspuña


Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.4819 Longitude: 0.232515
Zone: Valle del Garona