Shelter - Refugio de Barrosa


10 beds Free to use 1725m

The shelter of Barrosa is located in the middle of the circus of the same name, Barrosa, guarded by summits of more than 3000 meters such as Robiñera or La Munia.

To get there you have to leave the car at the foot of the road, at the entrance of a track that climbs steeply southwards, which after a few loops, enters the wide valley of Barrosa.
First you have to follow the trail that in a short time becomes a soft and pleasant path that in just over an hour and a half leaves you in the shelter of Barrosa, which consists of a single compartment, quite clean, with fireplace and with something of firewood, tables and chairs, a luxury come on !!

Behind the shelter there is a large rock that protects it from the wind and the avalanches, VERY frequent in this area.

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Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.7011 Longitude: 0.152435
Zone: Valle de Barrosa