6 beds Free to use 1860m

Refuge located in the ravine of Yenefrito at 1860 meters above sea level. It is reached by taking the track that leaves the road of the resort of Panticosa, after the town about 2 km, it is a track closed to vehicles. Following the path you enter the valley and on your right is the river bolatica, after 1 hour walking at a slow pace you get to the ravine of the river (South orientation), where the road is about 4 or 5 km more, at this point about 500 meters after crossing a bridge over the river, we found a path that leaves the track on the left hand, and that is gaining height to be below the finger of yenefrito (a large pointed rock 1800m) continue to reach the pass that separates the finger of the North slope of the Punta Escuellas, and after 15 min by a quasi-horizontal path we reach the refuge. From here we will be able to attack the Ferreras through the ibón catieras, the Escuellas, the Baldarián or the Mallaruengo among others. The refuge has two sections, one for cattle quite dirty only usable in case of emrgencia and the one of shepherds, in enough good conditions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It costs a lot to open the bolt (without key) because it has bent the iron, if you go in a hurry (storm ...) do not despair and try to pry with something metallic.

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.7163 Longitude: -0.21411
Zone: Barranco de yenefrito