Shelter - Cabaña de la Coma


4 beds Free to use 1820m

Technical Sheet

Elevation: 557 m
Distance: 6 k
Starting point: Parking of the slopes of the Estós Valley

Cabaña de la Coma

The Cabaña de la Coma is located specifically on the southwestern slope of El Perdiguero (Valle de Estós). It can serve to climb the Perdiguero in two days without having to go to the Estós refuge necessarily, also from the refuge of Estós to go to El Perdiguero, you have to lose some height, although not much. It can also be the base of ascent for the surrounding peaks that are usually made from the Refugio de Estós, it is a little further away but of similar height.
It has a fireplace, Possibility of taking firewood in the surroundings and to get water we would have to move about 600 meters to the Barranco del Perdiguero. There is a platform down where 4 people would fit tight and another platform as a litter upstairs for 4 other people but I say a fair bit (I remember I can be wrong of course).

Access in Vehicle

From Benasque we will take the road to the Llanos del Hospital (A-139), and after 2.8 k we will reach the San Chaime bridge, just past the bridge a track will appear on the left (signpost). From here you can go up the track by car until you reach a paid parking (only weekends), or park in a hole on the sides of the track (0.5 k). Or as a last resort start from the road parking the vehicle in a hole that is on the road just at the confluence with the track. As this was my case the description of the climb will start at the intersection of the track and the road.

Ascent to the refuge

Bridge of San Chaime (0h 1240 m.) We take to the left of the road the wide track (sign indicating Valle de Estós) that first goes towards the West. At 5 minutes the track forks (both branches are GR) take the track on the right. We passed by the barracks of the Estós valley, at a little distance (about 600 m away from the

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Beds Drinking water Fireplace Table

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6494 Longitude: 0.512495
Zone: Valle de Estós