Shelter - Refugio de Batisielles


4 beds Free to use 2m


This visit to the Ibón de Batisielles, runs through the beautiful and incomparable valley of Estós. We will reach this valley through the Benasque-Luchón highway. On this road, just after passing the San Chaime bridge, the road that goes into the valley and that also forms part of the GR-11 trans-Pyrenean route, which connects with the valley of San Chaime, converges with the road on the left. Ballibierna After a few hundred meters we will reach the end of the passable road for unauthorized vehicles. There we will leave our vehicle (where we can).


Start our journey (1300 m), next to the transformer barracks of the Estós dam. We will begin to ascend a wide path on the left bank of the river Estós.
Soon we will ascend by a piece of concrete road that passes next to the Estós reservoir (1360 m).
Now, on a dirt road, we are about to cross the river and we will do it by means of the Aiguacari lever.
Already on the right bank and ascending with a very soft and comfortable slope, we will pass next to the Santa Ana Cabin (1540 m), which we will leave on our left.
We continue walking and enjoying the splendid landscape of the Estós valley, passing by the source of Coronas, an idyllic place to rest or collect water.
We continue by track until we reach a detour that we will find on our left (1579 m), conveniently indicated.
Now the road becomes steeper and more tortuous to walk because it has enough loose stone.
The path then becomes a path, and our path is almost horizontal. A lever crosses the Batisielles torrent. The beauty of the place is overflowing ..., sow under a shadow almost continuous due to the leafy forest.
Once again the path begins to ascend vertiginously between black pine and a well trodden path. We already see relatively close the waterfall of Escarpinosa with spectacular jump.
We can even see our esp

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GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6514 Longitude: 0.499706
Zone: Valle de Estós