Shelter - Cabaña de Llardaneta


6 beds Free to use 2300m

The shelter of the Cabaña de Llardaneta is located in an amazing place, is at the bottom of the valley of Grist, west of Eriste. To get there, you only have to take the piste to the Espigantosa waterfall and then continue along the PR to the shelter of Angel Orús. Once there, follow the PR until a crossroads. We will have to continue towards the Col de la Plana, or Piana, which leads to the refuge of Estós, and soon the shelter of the Cabaña de Llardaneta will rise.
The shelter is in very poor condition, a single compartment, without a door, and with half a roof. Not recommendable

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Drinking water

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.6385 Longitude: 0.457907
Zone: Valle de Grist