Shelter - Refugio de Trigoniero


4 beds Free to use 2000m

Refuge in precarious state. Pending reform, it has accumulated building materials in its interior for years and also accumulate some dirt. Even so, it can be a place to spend the night about 4-5 people. It has some roof plate detached leaving a slit open on one side, still holds a moderate storm without getting especially wet. Unused chimney. Next to a stream.
It is accessed following the path that ascends the Tringoniero ravine towards the port of Tringoniero with PR marks, in about two hours, which starts next to the old customs buildings a couple of kilometers before the mouth of the tunnel. Bielsa.

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Drinking water Fireplace

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.7037 Longitude: 0.245135
Zone: Valle de Trigoniero