Shelter - Refugio de Cap de Llauset


32 beds Paid 2425m

The shelter of Cap de Llauset, is part of the network of shelters of the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation, and has been built with the funds of the Huesca Provincial Council, Montanuy City Council, and FAM itself. The shelter began to be built in 2010, and since the summer of 2016 opened with 30 places located in one of the two modules planned, already completed, with all the necessary services for its operation. This refuge will add content to the idea of ​​service to the mountaineer, guaranteeing a safe and reference point in the mountain and rescue groups, a clean point that concentrates and purifies waste and waste, or a data collection in meteorological stations, especially in a massif that encounters important installations deficits. The refuge of Cap de Llauset is located in the heart of the GR11, also providing coverage, service and security to the many mountaineers who make this route of international interest. The surroundings of the refuge of Cap de Llauset offer a multitude of activities related to the world of mountaineering, and its enclave is strategic in the realization of these, offering this shelter a reference facility either as a base from which to start or end the activity, or to perform training courses, or as an information point, within a protected environment integrated in the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park.

How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 42.5953 Longitude: 0.684328