Shelter - Refugio La Cucaracha


15 beds Free to use 1840m

Access by vehicle: Granada to Güejar Sierra. From Güejar Sierra to the Barranco de San Juan by the old tram line of the Sierra and from this place on foot.
Without vehicle: Granada to Güejar Sierra you can use the public transport of the company Lion. From Güejar, walk 2 hours from the Barranco del San Juan, along the Vereda de la Estrella and Vereda de los Presidiarios.

Open all year long. It has been used in summer for fire seals.
Built as a forest hut when repopulating, it is currently neglected, very popular. Planned to build a new shelter in the area.

Capacity for fifteen to twenty (15 - 20) people.
Water: Fuente de los Lirios (10 minutes from the refuge, there are 15 to 20 minutes of return climb)
It consists of chimney and banks.

It is located in the Cabecera del Genil. In the Hill of the Calvary, south slope, near the crest.

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How to get there

GPS coordinates: Latitude: 37.1172 Longitude: -3.33824
Zone: Cabecera del Genil